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Jobs & The Economy

Curtis is leading the fight to bring next generation auto plants to Michigan, not China. He negotiated with GM to bring electric-vehicle and advanced battery manufacturing to the Lansing and Detroit regions. And he worked with both Democrats and Republicans to pass the law to get it done. In Congress, he will work to bring […]


Voting Rights & Protecting Democracy

Curtis knows that our democracy is in grave danger, and is running for office to protect it from those threatening it. Politicians who try to overturn election results they disagree with have no place in our government. Curtis supports passing the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and taking action at the national level to defend […]


Reproductive Rights

Curtis will protect a woman’s right to abortion, and stand up to anyone who tries to limit the health care women can access. He stood up against Republicans in Lansing trying to ban abortion and led the fight to repeal Michigan’s 1931 abortion ban. In Congress, he will always stand on the side of women and […]


Gun Safety

Curtis’s son is a student at MSU and was on campus the night of the unthinkable mass shooting that killed three students, injured five more, and terrified all Michiganders.  In the wake of that tragedy, Curtis led the team that passed bi-partisan common sense gun safety legislation, including red flag and safe storage laws and […]


Climate Change & The Environment

Curtis understands that climate change is already having a significant impact on the lives and livelihoods of Michiganders. Taking action now means both addressing the immediate needs of communities affected by climate change and working towards a more sustainable future built with good-paying, union jobs. With rising temperatures and stronger, more unpredictable weather events the […]


Health Care

Over the course of his career, Curtis has led the fight to lower the cost of prescription drugs for Michigan families and seniors and expand access to affordable health care. He also fought to allow Michiganders to hold pharmaceutical companies accountable when they put their own profits over people’s lives. Curtis will fight to protect […]

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